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Fredon Township School
459 Route 94
Newton, NJ 07860

Phone: 973-383-4151
School Fax: 973-383-3644
Business Office Fax: 

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First NameLast NamePositionGrade Phone ExtensionContact
First NameLast NamePositionGrade Phone ExtensionContact
Thomas Aroune Elementary Teacher Music 2030 Email Me 
Margie  Auer Occupational Therapy  1006 Email Me 
School  Cafeteria School Cafeteria  1012 Email Me 
Kristel Caffrey Guidance Counselor  1007 Email Me 
Pat  Calabrese Child Study Team Secretary  1006 Email Me 
Beth  Delaney Elementary Teacher ART 2021 Email Me 
Jessica Despreaux Elementary Teacher 2nd Grade 2011 Email Me 
Moira  Douglas Special Education Teacher  2005 Email Me 
Danna Gall Elementary Teacher 3rd grade 2031 Email Me 
Wendy  Grosso Main Office Secretary  1001 Email Me 
Jamie  Harper Elementary Teacher 6th grade 2009 Email Me 
Cathy  Higgins Technology Assistant  1010 Email Me 
Jane  Hooker Elementary Teacher 6th grade & Technology 2010 Email Me 
Rory  Karl Elementary Teacher 4th grade 2004 Email Me 
Kristen  Karl Elementary Teacher 5th grade & Spanish 2013 Email Me 
Lynn  Kerwick Secretary to the Business Administrator  3003 Email Me 
Kelly  Kline Special Education Teacher 1st grade  Email Me 
Donna  Logan Payroll Secretary  3004 Email Me 
Mary  Lynch Speech Therary  2023 Email Me 
Wayne  Lynn Interim Superintendent  1006 Email Me 
Danielle  Mancini Special Education Teacher 6th grade 2036 Email Me 
Ashley  Martin Elementary Teacher 5th Grade 2003 Email Me 
Courtney  Mitchell Elementary Teacher 3rd grade 2033 Email Me 
Lisa  Modafferi School Nurse  1005 Email Me 
Donna  Mosner Business Administrator / Board Secretary  3005 Email Me 
Leah  Mulvihill Elementary Teacher 5th grade 2002 Email Me 
Alisha  Nichols Elementary Teacher Kindergarten 2018 Email Me 
Steve  Olsyn Elementary Teacher 6th Grade 2014 Email Me 
Jennifer  Olsyn Principal  1006 Email Me 
Alison  Peck Physical Therapy  1006 Email Me 
Betty  Picone Elementary Teacher Library 2001 Email Me 
Meghan  Radimer Elementary Teacher Health / P.E.  2029 Email Me 
Kim  Sanabria Elementary Teacher TBD 2016 Email Me 
Laurie  Sanders Elementary Teacher 1st grade 2017 Email Me 
Erin  Sanford-McKay Elementary Teacher 4th Grade 2019 Email Me 
Kim  Spruill Special Education Teacher 3rd grade 2028 Email Me 
Nichole  Taylor Elementary Teacher 2nd Grade 2015 Email Me 
Lisa  Trusa Elementary Teacher P.E. / Health  2027 Email Me 
Luke  Vanderhoff Director of Building and Grounds  1011 Email Me 
Susan  Vogt Elementary Teacher Kindergarten 2020 Email Me 
Theresa  Westervelt Main Office Secretary  1002 Email Me 
Pat  Yardley LDTC  1009 Email Me 
Showing 42 items