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Fredon Elementary School Became Fredon Bowl This Week

posted Mar 19, 2013, 8:07 AM by Student App Account

Lisa Trusa, Phys. Ed. Teacher transformed her gym into 14 bowling lanes.  She sets up full sized plastic pins complete with pin-spots on the floor.  Gym mats surround the pins creating individual lanes.

Ken Yokobosky, Former Team USA Bowling Coach, PBA Champion, and Storm Staff Member, was asked to visit the students and help teach the basics of the game.  “I think it is amazing that Mrs. Trusa incorporates bowling into her program.  She is very knowledgeable about the game herself.  I am honored that she asks me to assist.   More people bowl each year than participate in any other sport,” Coach Ken happily states.  “High School bowling is on the rise.  I have seen several students receive full bowling scholarships to college, including Ivy League schools.  As the students enter the gym, their faces light up when they see the pins.  It is exciting to see their enthusiasm.  I never experienced bowling in gym class when I went to elementary school.”

Students are taught the proper grip, approach, bowling basics, and scoring.  The bowling runs for two weeks and is offered every other year.  Coach Ken has his display of Storm balls that he uses in Pro competition.  One of the unique features of the Storm brand balls is the unique fragrances embedded in each.  “Storm Bowling Company scents their bowling balls.  The kids have a ball, no pun intended, guessing what each fragrance is!”

Mrs. Trusa’s third graders demonstrate the proper fingers used in the bowling grip. 
To remember it they think “Rock Star!!!”
Coach Ken introduces the proper grip and basics.
Coach Ken points out the “strike pocket”
One of Mrs. Trusa’s lanes inside the gym at Fredon Elementary School
Fredon Students tried to guess the fragrance of the Storm Bowling Company’s scented bowling balls