The Child Study Team may determine that the child's social, emotional and academic status be assessed. Medical or other specialized evaluations may also be included. If a child is determined to be eligible for special education and related services, an IEP Individualized Education Plan will be developed by the Parent, General Education and or Special Education Teacher(s) along with the Child Study Team, and a Case Manager will be assigned to the student. The IEP is a working document that will include a rationale for the student's educational placement and the basis for the program implementation. Annual IEP meetings will be scheduled while the child is still eligible for special services in order to review the student's needs for each year.

Deirdre Mastandrea

Child Study Team Director

(Monday - Friday)

(973) 383-4151 EXT: 1004

Pat Calabrese

CST Secretary

(Monday - Friday 8:00 am-1:00pm) (973) 383-4151EXT: 1042

Sarah Florio

School Psychologist

(Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday)

(973) 383-4151 EXT: 1009

Jamie Armando

Speech/Language Specialist

(Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday)

(973) 383-4151 EXT: 2023

Margie Auer

Occupational Therapy

(Tuesday & Thursday)

(973) 383-4151 EXT: 2025

Kathy Grennan



(973) 383-4151 EXT: 1013

Social Worker


(973) 383-4151 EXT: 1044

Allison M. Peck

Physical Therapy Services,

Part-time on an as-needed basis.

(973) 383-4151 EXT 2025

Kristel Caffrey

School Guidance Counselor

(Monday - Friday )

(973) 383-4151 EXT: 1007



Children who are thought to have developmental delays may receive assistance from the Early Intervention Program. To access these services, parents should consult with their Pediatrician and contact the Special Child Health Services at

973-948-5239 Fax: 973-948-2270


Child Study Team services for children AGES 3 TO 5 who are experiencing physical, sensory, emotional, communication, cognitive and/or social difficulties may be eligible for special education and related services through their local Child Study Team. Parents who reside in Fredon should contact the Fredon School Child Study Team office at 973-383-4151 for further information.

RTI (Intervention and Referral Services)

IF PARENTS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR SCHOOL AGE CHILD'S PROGRESS while attending Fredon Elementary School, they should feel free to discuss such issues with their child's teacher and/or principal. All information is confidential. Please call Fredon School at 973-383-4151.

Parents and Teachers have the option of making a referral to the I&RS Team (Intervention and Referral Services) Team if they have concerns regarding a child. The I&RS Team which is comprised of a School Administrator, a Child Study Team member and Teachers offers intervention procedures that are provided within the General Education school program. The Team meets every month during the school year to review each child's progress and if the I&RS team feels that more extensive interventions are necessary after an appropriate time period, they may recommend that the child have a full Child Study Team evaluation.


Established by the New Jersey State Department of Education as a public awareness and referral service to assist parents and professionals by identifying free available early intervention programs and services for infants and toddlers through two years of age, and free, appropriate public education programs and services for pupils who are disabled three through twenty one years of age. Parents or other appropriate persons may refer children who are experiencing significant difficulties.

Do you have a preschool age child (ages 3-5) experiencing significant difficulties with speech and language, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, or behavior? Is he/she struggling to learn the basic early concepts?

Is your school age (ages 6-12) child struggling with reading or math? Does your child have difficulty with writing tasks or written expression?

Below are services to assist Fredon Township families with these issues.